If you want to play Brawl Stars Hack on Android will have to wait a little longer. A note published by the developers themselves of the game on Friday (30) at Reddit , said the Google mobile platform will take to get the game and guilt are the servers.

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According eat publication, they are just a server located in Canada to see how the game behaves in this soft launch (when an app or game is released in some countries only). The problem of a precipitate launch for Android, is that it is not possible to limit the spread of APK on a global scale and increasing out of control players, which can bring down the test servers.


Therefore, they are even working on a version for Android, but there is still no release date. Be aware that each and every APK that appears in front of you is false, and can pose a risk to your mobile phone. Contains anxiety and avoid catching viruses. Once we have more news, I will bring here in Videogame More. Remember that, even on the iPhone, the game is not available in Brazil.

According to the text in the App Store, “Join your friends and get ready for an epic multiplayer! Unlock a variety of noisy game modes and dozens of characters with SUPER skills. ” Although free, Brawl Stars Cheats have various items for sale in its internal store.

The Brawl Stars has four game modes : Bounty, what matters is to collect as many stars as possible; Smash & Grab, the first team to win 10 map center crystals, wins; Heist, try to break the defense to pick up and leave with the loot; Showdown, 10 players are thrown into an arena that slowly decreases. Defeat the only Brawler (name given to the characters) is left.